24/7 Accident Towing Service


Being involved in a vehicular accident is one of the worst things that could happen to you. If you do end up losing control and bumping into something, you should at least have insurance.

Other than your health, you will be concerned about the condition of your vehicle. Who will take your car to the service shop? You might ask. Call (08) 9242 7845 and you will find the answer.

Recommended Towing is the premier provider of accident towing in Perth. We will take your vehicle not to the service shop, but to our holding facility. Why? Because it is where your insurance provider will inspect your car and assess the damage. We will help in filing and processing your insurance claim while you are recovering from your injury.

When you hire our accident towing service, you will have a secure place for your car and the assistance you need to get the compensation or financial assistance you deserve.

If you have had an accident Call us NOW!

Recommended Towing operate 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a week for Accident and Breakdown Towing. We have a holding yard to store your damaged vehicle for the insurance company to come and assess the vehicle. If you have insurance by providing your insurance company name and claim details we will deal direct with the insurance company and bill them directly.
Please be aware uninsured vehicles will have to be paid for by the owner.
Recommended Towing provide Accident Towing Services for all Insurance companies.